Woman killed and eaten by a Reticulated Python



Reticulated Pythons, Malayopython reticulatus,  are the longest snakes on the planet. They are power predators and do kill and eat humans on occasion. The snake pictured above is a captive animal in the collection of TC. 
Note this post contains graphic photos of a human killed and eaten by a snake

Today, Friday 15 June 2018

Location of predation event.

A  python swallowed a middle-aged woman (54 yrs) in Muna, Lohia Province, Southeast Sulawesi (see map). Based on information from the victim’s family, the incident began from the suspicion of the victim’s son who was worried about his mother who did not come home from the garden prayer session. Before his mother said goodbye to the garden prayer session participants yesterday afternoon at 18:35 hours. The son and neighbors searched the area near the garden and found a machete, sandals, and flashlight. Suspicions increasing when the grass around the Garden Lodge was pushed down to form a trail.  After a search around gardens and shrubs by officers from the Muna Police, a python was eventually found. It appeared to be unable to move because of its swollen body. Citizens caught and carried the snake to the middle of the village. The missing woman was found in the snake’s belly. Early reports suggest the python was 8 m, however, we suspect the snake was closer to 6 meters.

A woman being removed from the python.
People observing the snake’s dissection.

These are a rather gruesome visual truth but it illustrates what our ancestors had to deal with for millions of years. They were prey for many large carnivores. It is a reminder in 2018 that humans are still part of nature and it is still possible to be killed by an apex predator. It definitely enriches our lives to know that bears, crocodiles, Komodo Dragons, big cats, and even giant snakes still kill us and eat us. This very act defines who humans really are in the end. We are ”meat” to the large hypercarnivores – still.