Broome Mangrove Snake, Myron resetari Murphy, 2011

Myron richardsonii: Gyi, 1970: 172–174, fig. 28.
Myron resetari Murphy, 2011: 232 .Holotype:  QM J52861. Type Locality: Broome, Western Australia.
Distribution: Known only from type locality (Murphy, 2011) and coastal Western Australia.
Diagnosis: Nineteen scale rows on the neck and at mid-body; one preocular; large, plate-like occipital scale that is posterior and lateral to parietals. Myron resetaridistinguished from M. richardsonii by lower scale row count on neck and at mid-body (19 vs. 21); one preocular (two in M. richardsonii); largest upper labial is the fifth compared with the largest upper labial of six or seven in M. richardsonii. Distinguished from M. karnsi by lower number of scale rows at mid-body (19 vs. 21), a blotched pattern on a gray ground color (as opposed to yellow bands on black ground color in M. karnsi).