Southeast Asian Bockadam, Cerberus schneiderii (Schlegel, 1801)

Elaps boaeformis Schneider, 1801, 2: 301.
Homalopsis molurus: Boie, 1826: 213.
Python boaeformis: Merrem, 1820: 89.
Homalopsis schneiderii Schlegel, 1837: 341.
Homalopsis rhinchops: Cantor, 1847: 91.
Cerberus acutus Gray, 1849: 65.  Holotype: BMNH 1946.1.2.34. Type Locality: Borneo.
Cerberus unicolor Gray, 1849: 65. Holotype: BMNH 1946.1.2.45. Type Locality: Philippines.
Cerberus rynchops: Bleeker, 1857a: 233.
Cerberus boaeformis: Bleeker, 1857b: 238.
Hurria rynchops: Stejneger, 1907: 302.
Cerberus schneiderii: Murphy, Voris and Karns, 2012b: 17. Lectotype: RMNH 1173. Type Locality: Timor.
Distribution: Andaman sea coast of Thailand eastward to the Philippines and southward throughout Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia to Halmahera and Seram (Murphy et al., 2012b).
Diagnosis: Dorsal scale rows in 23 (rarely 25) scale rows at mid-body; the imbricate plate-like scales on crown have flat, thin appearance, lack keels anterior to angle of jaw; last upper labial horizontally divided; venter mottled.

Cerberus schneideri, Gulf of Thailand. JCM