Andian stout-tailed snake, Calamophis katesandersae Murphy, 2012

Brachyorrhos jobiensis – Peters and Doria, 1878: 371.

Calamophis katesandersae Murphy, 2012: 518. Holotype: MSNG 56343–1. Type locality: Andia, West Papua.

Distribution: Known only from type locality, Andia, West Papua (Murphy 2012).

Diagnosis: A fangless homalopsid. Laterally compressed body (mid body width 75–79% of body’s height) exceptionally short tail (3.7–3.8% of SVL); frontal pentagonal but almost triangular; five or six upper labials; seven lower labials; low subcaudal count (eight or nine).

Probably aquatic-fossorial. Diet unknown.