Suizo Report — The Third Dimension of Desert Herping

Howdy Herpers,                                                                                               24 June 2013
Typing Boy here has always thought that herping in the Sonoran Desert as being a two dimensional affair. The herps are either on the ground, or under it. But on occasion, a third additional dimension exists out there.
We’ll let the pictures do the talking:
Image 1: This would make a great “Where’s Waldo?” shot, but I can’t handle all the replies that come with those. But before you scroll down to see the other images, give this first one you best shot. There are 2 snakes in this image, can you find them?
Image 2: Snake number 1

Image 3: Snake number 2

Snake number 1 is Tiger Rattlesnake, CT #13, a female. Snake number 2 is a Lyresnake, poised about 1 meter above CT13. I probably would not have noticed the lyresnake, but it happened to be right where I wanted to put my thermometer. Surprise!
Image 4: Our big male Black-tailed Rattlesnake, CM#12 “Jerry” going arboreal on us. We kept going back to watch his progress. Over the course of the night, he only moved about 2 meters, and seemed to be set up to nail whatever would land in the branch in front of him.Image by Marty Feldner.
Image 5 and 6: Our young male CM16, as found.

Image 7: Always a nice sight! It’s about the best thing we can hope for on a June morning. C’mon Monsoons!

Best to all, roger

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