Suzio Report: Some animals from the famous hill

Howdy Herpers,
We got our good photographers, and we got our bad photographers. When I say “bad photographers,” there are 2 meanings. These are those who, like me, dumbly point the camera, squeeze the trigger, and pray that something good will somehow miraculously happen. (Most times, it doesn’t.)

Then there are those “bad photographers” who are artists at their craft, but think that by getting a good image of something, they have just created the next Mona Lisa. In their minds, their work is priceless, and not meant to be shared. At least, not on a gratis basis.

I don’t 100% blame these people. They have invested big bucks in their equipment, and countless hours developing their skills. But like them, we have invested big bucks at OUR craft as well. We sink 5 grand a year just in equipment alone, never mind gas money, or salary, or most importantly, beer.

So now, we lead good horses to water, they get their images, and we get nothing?  We step back so you can get your picture? Then, we get nothing? THAT’S WRONG!

And sometimes, these bad photographers even drink our beer in the process. That’s heartless!
 From now on, camera dudes and dudesses, you take pictures, we want copies. Don’t make us ask–ok? Just bring ’em on!

I’m pleased to report that on Saturday, 11 May, we were with “good photographers.”  We speak of two visiting guests from Holland, Wouter Kok and Ferry van Stralen. With us this day was our stalwart field hand Marty Feldner, and the somewhat erstwhile Gordon Schuett and Ryan Sawby. We had our A game going for sure this day.

Other than the fact that we had good photographers with us, it was an ordinary day in paradise. Ryan did manage to find us a new Gila Monster. (Which proves that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn). To this herper, a new monster is always a day maker in its own right. But calling any day in the Suizos an “ordinary day” is a good thing. There is always a shot at seeing 14 different rattlesnakes in situ. Where will you do better than that on a regular basis?

It’s time to just go with the images. All except the last 2 were taken by Ferry van Stralen. It’s a thrill to see what a good photographer can do on an ordinary day. We’ll skip the long stories, and let the images do the talking.

Best to all, roger

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