New Report of a Rare Bothrops

Murici Lancehead, Photo Frank Stemitz

Bothrops muriciensis was described more than a decade ago by Ferrarezi & Freire (2001) from Brazil’s Atlantic Forest on the basis of three specimens. Freitas et al.(2012) report on six more specimens collected in the Murici region of Alagoas, Brazil. They increase the number of localities the snake has been found at, note that it is terrestrial, and found about 400 m in elevation. And, they suggest the IUCN should consider the species Critically Endangered. Its survival is probably dependent on the Murici Ecological Station, while the forest around it is being removed. The new specimens records include juveniles and adults that were close to streams. The full article can be found on-line.

Freitas, M. A. et al. 2012. Notes on the conservation status, geographic distribution and ecology of Bothrops muriciensis Ferrarezzi & Freire, 2001 (Serpentes, Viperidae).  NORTH-WESTERN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY 8 (2): 338-343.

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